About FC Athletics

Wabash River Conference


Fountain Central Jr/Sr High School Fight Song

(To the tune of the Notre Dame Victory March)

Three cheers for Fountain Central High
We have the best team, none can deny
When our team goes marching on
People will cheer them loud and strong

We are the Mustangs, everybody knows
Fountain Central High School, we are the PROS
Stand up, stand up, cheer us strong
As the Mustangs go fighting on.


Mustang Club
The purpose of the Mustang Club is to project a positive attitude toward fountain central athletics, and to foster a good relationship between the organization and the community.

The Mustang Club does many things for our athletes. We continually help by purchasing equipment and supplies. The Mustang Club funds the certificates, trophies, decorations, and refreshments for each awards night. F.C. is one of the few, if not the only school where the letter jacket is awarded free to the athlete as well as the letter blanket. The “Wall of Fame” pictures are an honor bestowed upon our athletes by this organization. Also, last but not least, the Mustang Club awards three scholarships per year. If you aren’t a member it’s not too late. Sign up and help support your mustangs.

Mustang Club annual dues:
– $20 to join for season pass holders
– $25 to join for non-season pass holders


Sports Season Passes
Sports passes are available in the athletic office. Passes are good for all home events with the exception of Tourneys & Sectionals.
Family Pass $150
Adult Pass $65
Students Pass $25
Senior Citizen Pass $25.

**For All-Sports Passes, Family Passes, Mustang Club Membership, or other ticket information, contact the high school athletic office (phone: 765-294-2206).



Individual Game Tickets:

Admission for all Varsity Football and Varsity Boys Basketball games:
– Adults = $5.00
– Students = $5.00
– Senior Citizens = $5.00

Admission for all Varsity Volleyball and Varsity Girls Basketball games:
– Adults = $5.00
– Students = $3.00
– Senior Citizens = $3.00

Admission for all other Varsity games:
– Adults = $5.00
– Students = $3.00
– Senior Citizens = $3.00

Admission for all lower level (Jr. Varsity, Freshman, Jr. High, and Elementary) games:
– Adults = $3.00
– Students = $2.00
– Senior Citizens = $2.00

*NOTE: Children Kindergarten and under are free for all sports.